That’s what the dictionary says, so it must be correct, no? Well, one of the possible ways to translate stumble upon is indeed struikelen – it’s the top result in fact – but of course this isn’t the kind of word you want to use in, say, a tourism text about those hidden gems that every traveller should seek out. For that you need something that really shines, something that has the reader already reaching for their suitcase.

So while it’s easy to think that Google Translate’s suggestion is correct, it actually falls far short of the mark.

But don’t worry – with me you’re in safe hands when it comes to texts that’ll (out)shine! As a language professional, I know exactly how to turn your compelling copy into a diamond written in Dutch (and yes, I also sometimes get out a dictionary, but more than just get it out, I also get the best out of it).

I use the correct register to deliver you a text that fits like a glove. I’ll also check all facts and figures and, with your go-ahead, correct them too. That’s one less thing to keep you awake at night…right?

Does your text contain country-specific references? No problem. Finding a Flemish, Belgian or Dutch equivalent is no trouble at all. Just say the word.

I’ll chisel away at it until you have a flawless text that reads as if it had been written in Dutch all along!

Tailored translations with a creative touch

  • Libretto opera youth: Be my superstar (English)
  • Mush-Mush & de Zwammetjes (synopses, documents, English)
  • Audioguide Fondation Jacques Brel (French)
  • Website new collection Danish brand children’s clothing (Danish)
  • Yearly summer and winter collection River Woods (English)
  • Artistic material Kanal (French, English)
  • Children’s books – rhymes (French)
  • Description instruments Muziekinstrumentenmuseum (French)
  • Children’s books Happy Meal McDonald’s (English)
  • Subtitling videos (French, English)
  • Palliative care children (press releases, website material, French)
  • Website photo jigsaw puzzles (English)

Punchy business comms

  • Coronalert – corona-app (English, French, Dutch)
  • Architectuurkrant (French)
  • Informative brochure diamant industry (English)
  • Plan citybike system (French)
  • Blogs Intraco (French)
  • Catalogue haircare products (English)
  • Topshop Developing your Skills Staff Booklet (English)
  • Brochures luxury apartments (French)
  • Press releases (French, English)
  • Packings, typical Belgian food products, recipes (French)

Tourist guides that transport you to another world

  • Reiswereld Magazine / Journal de l’Evasion (translation several tourist brochures …)
  • Focus Flanders, destination management, Dutch web version
  • Tourism, general (French, English, German)

Medical translations performed with surgical precision

  • Taking care of severely ill children, study for the minister of social affairs and  healthcare, Rudy Demotte, Minister for Social Services and of Health (French)
  • Access, participation in healthcare decision-making and policy impact – what patients really want (English)
  • Patient information sheets, patient consent forms, information for new patients, information on studies new medicines (English, French)
  • Evaluation homecare services in Brussels (French)
  • General medical documents (French, English)