Final editing / proofreading

There are two typos of people in the world: those who can edit … and those who can’t.

Jarod Kintz

Did you spot it? Or did your eyes sweep straight over it? Not to worry, there are plenty of people that can’t spot their own mistakes, even after the second or third read-through. Something to do with our brains and imagery and that kind of thing.

But that’s what I’m here for. With eyes like a hawk, I weed out typos straight away, spot constructions in the source language that simply don’t work in the target language, and untangle any knotted sentences, all in one fell swoop. I polish up the style and language and deliver you a neatly wrapped message that’s ready to go. Finished with a bow.

Because it’s text that makes your online presence sink or swim.

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Corrections - Dutch, Borgerhoff&Lamberigts...

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Corrections - Dutch, Borgerhoff&Lamberigts...


Corrections, Borgerhoff&Lamberigts...


Final editing, Borgerhoff&Lamberigts...


Corrections, Borgerhoff&Lamberigts...