Petra is an excellent translator! She is very accurate, meets the deadlines and works quickly when needed. What’s more, she does not just simply translate, she checks names and dates thoroughly. Last but not least, she is a nice person to work with. I can only recommend her! 

Geert Cortebeeck
Editor Horizon-Overamstel Uitgevers

Petra is an excellent communicator, and she fulfills all commitments to the letter. Her texts are easy to read, and do not appear to be translations at all, a very important element in literary translations.
Considering the size of the project, we admire the fact that she managed to keep her eye on the details.

Pieter Vanderhaegen

I can trust Petra 100%. Her translations never have to be proofread. She meets all the deadlines, even the shortest ones! A professional, but also a nice person, which makes working with her a pleasure. Another bonus!

Sarah Visse
Journal de l'Evasion

I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with your translation.
​The remarks about the differences between Dutch and French are very professional and relevant.

No remarks on style, grammar, spelling, etcetera.
We would love to work with you again!

Tim Renders, Entre les lignes

We have another set of travel guides coming up. We have worked very well together in the past, so we hope to be able to assign you more guides. You are very reliable as far as deadlines are concerned! And on top of that, you are excellent at what you do. That's the reason we like working with you. 

Imago MediaBuilders
The Netherlands

Thank you so much for your translation!
​Nice to see your creative and fluent work, it is a pleasure to read!

Lisa De Pauw, Untranslate

Working with Petra was a joy, an enriching experience, and a blessing:
It was a joy because she is always both friendly and professional; It was enriching because she encouraged me to keep thinking: she stayed true to the source text, and ensured a flawless translation into Dutch, but her questions made me reconsider my own use of language, rethinking what the author really meant when he said certain things; It was a blessing because it soon became apparent that Petra was a true guardian of the translation from French into Dutch. We never worried about any mistakes, mistranslations or erroneous interpretations that might have severe consequences. This was very important, since the story and the text were of an extremely sensitive nature: the book containing the testimony of Bernard Wesphael, accused of murder.
And finally, Petra also showed professional discretion, an essential part of the cooperation between translator and publisher. 

Patrick Bartholomé
​Éditions NowFuture

The 'will' here in English is not actually future tense (it is future in construction and in the sense, of course, but it's not ...). It is sort of a general reference to what the doctor calls  something ... which would be rendered in the present tense in Dutch - you picked up on this,  where very few Dutch translators would. So good job with the stylistic changes.

B.R. Granger
Spectrum Translation
The Netherlands

For your information: I have asked a colleague translator (with many years experience) to read the text you have translated. He was convinced it was not a translation, but an original Dutch text. When I told him I knew it wasn’t, he told me the text was close to perfection. I am passing on the compliment and thank you for a job well done.

Jean-Luc Michelin

Petra, we have been working together for many years now and in all that time I have never had any remarks on your work. You also deliver on or before time. It is a pleasure to work with you and I will continue to do so. Best, Alain

Alain Chevalier
Intraco Consulting

Thank you for this translation and for meeting the deadline. The client is very happy and so am I.

Via Verbia

We would like to thank you for the accurate and timely translations you have delivered given the somewhat strict deadlines, the volume of work and the particular needs of this project.

Emilia Prekate


We can already tell you are a reliable translator given the questions you ask, your timely delivery and your general behaviour and attitude.

Executive Services,