Translating is my passion and when passion meets expert skill and experience, the outcome can only be fantastic!

But translating is more than just taking words in one language and changing them into another. Working together we will find your language register; the style that fits you. As a language professional I will make your text look splendid. Quality is my main concern. Your text must read as if it was originally written in Dutch and that is my area of expertise!

Translation is not 
a mass production activity, 
but a knowledge-based, 
intellectual process



Children's films (English)

New catalogue hair care products (English)

Business manual, product manual, training booklet on stained glass (English)

Culture change, teamwork, support, organisational results, team results, individual results (English) 

Management modules (French, English) 

Topshop Developing your Skills Staff Booklet (English)

Several training booklets (French, English, German)

Weekly newsletters (French)



Taking care of severely ill children, study for the minister of social affairs and  healthcare, Rudy Demotte (French)

Access, participation in healthcare decision-making and policy impact – what patients really want  (English) 

Patient information sheets, patient consent forms, information for new patients, information on studies new medicines (English, French) 

Evaluation homecare services in Brussels (French)

Instructions for use equipment endovenous treatment (French)

Popular-medical documents (French, English)


Audioguide Fondation Jacques Brel (French)

Editing documents (Nederlands)

Toolkit ‘Migration and asylum in Europe’


Mise-en-scène of text, video, sound and performance for the Artfestival 
(Regarding, French) 

Sewing patterns, instructions, user guide sewing machine for children (French)

Several legal documents (French, English, German)

Press releases (French, English)

Short description of China's new Five-Year Plan (French)

Technical quote weighbridge (French)

Book revolutionary weaving process UCO/West Point Foundry (Dutch into English) 

Web content

Stained glass
(product manual, business manual, sales information, vision statement, franchise agreement, English)

Transport company
(Tree diagram, History, Philosophy, Team, Environment and safety, Services, IT Support, E-Commerce, French)

Website new collection Danish brand childrens clothing (Danish)

Products home and interior (Danish)

Website photo puzzles (, English)

Update summer/winter collections clothing (English)


Reiswereld Magazine / Journal de l’Evasion  
(translation several tourist brochures)

Focus Flanders, destination management, dutch web version

Numerous travel guides (see Travel Guide section)

Tourism (French, English, German)

Interviews artists Middelheimmuseum Antwerp (French, Spanish)


Libretto opera Be my superstat (English)

Fleet Magazine (cars, French)

Packings, typical Belgian food products, recipes, bakery products, Italian recipes (French)

Fitness lessons and apps Domyos (French)

La Ferme aux Crocodiles (French)

Weekend edition lifestyle newspaper (French)

Brochure tile collection for trade fair for Construction,
Renovation and Home Improvement (French)

Subtitling + transcription commercial interview luxury lingerie brand (Danish)

Revision workbook kindergarten (French)

Journal on architecture (French)