Creative writing, evening course
Copywriting, evening course
Danish, evening course
​Spanish, evening course
​Italian, evening course
Bulgarian, home study

Wholefood consultent, home study
French teacher, primary school

Member of the board, Bekina Oost-Vlaanderen


Webinars MemoQ - Trados
Training Trados, day course


Tourism magazines
Medical magazines (2 leading Belgian hospitals)
Knack (political magazine)
Vino! (wine magazine)
Historia (history)
Geschiedenis (history)


Journalism skills for engaged citizens
The bilingual brain
Crafting an effective writer
Sharpened vision: a poetry workshop
Jewish Diaspora in China
Paradoxes of War
Freedom and protest: Magna Carta and its legacies
The French Revolution         
Contemporary India
The Kennedy half century
Magic in the middle ages
Modern and postmodern (part 1 and part 2)



Education is the best provision for old age